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Yellow Helmet Training 
is a division of the
Red Helmet Training Group

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About Yellow Helmet Training
Yellow Helmet Training is one six new divisions started in 2014 by the Red Helmet Training Group. Red Helmet Training has been providing CSFM classes and Fire Officer courses all over the Southern California area for the last five years. Today it is the Red Helmet Training Group overseeing six other divisions; 

    Yellow Helmet Training - Aspiring Firefighter, Entry Level FF
                                            & FF preparing to promote
    Blue Helmet Training - Emergency Medical Service Training
    Black Helmet Training - Wildland Firefighter Training (NWCG)
    Green Helmet Training - OSHA, Safety, CERT and Disaster Prep
    Orange Helmet Training - Hazardous Materials Training
    White Helmet Training - Chief Officer Classes & Workshops

Yellow Helmet Training is purposed to the aspiring firefighter candidate, entry level firefighter and firefighter preparing to promote. These classes include firefighter test preparation and basic firefighter knowledge classes and engineer promotional prep. This division is managed by a cadre of Engineers, Captains and Chief Officers from the Red Helmet Training Group. These instructors, proctors and mentors have not only been evaluators on tests but have also been the administrators and creators of firefighter exams.

Yellow Helmet Training is here to give you the tools you need to obtain a career or grow in the Fire and Emergency Services.

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